Health & curriculum support for the major exam years & LIFE!

"Fitness toolkit for the mind."

KCKD supports young adults & parents to overcome self-doubt and
get the results they want using a bespoke toolkit based on sports & performance psychology, contemporary neuroscience & evidence-based science.


Exams are your opportunity to bond & build vs break apart.

We enable students to 'Work Smart Not Just Hard'.

Any student can achieve the results they choose with effective support.

Learning to get help, take control & optimise stress for performance are life-skills.

This is an opportunity to be all you can be, build strong connections & enjoy the ride! 

We enable parents to 'Be More and Do Less'.

This is your chance to invite your emerging adult to step up by stepping back.

It's time to enjoy being a parent at a time that's billed as stressful & 'hard work'.

Make these (last few?) years at home count and be a role model. 

We support you to raise a happy, confident adult & enjoy doing it!