Mental Health Coaching

Pupils, Parents & Teachers 

Proven Tools, Hacks & Courses

for School, Home & Professional Life 


Coaching is a guided relationship that enables you (and anyone) to

  • Gain & choose the tools that work for you just as you are now.

  • Become who you choose to be using the strengths you already have.

  • Recover from whatever you see as a setback & use it to learn something new.

  • Get what you want by taking the actions consistent with the result you’re after.

Coaching is future-focussed, it’s not...

  • ‘Therapy’    - looking at where you stand today based on your past experience.

  • Mentoring  - based on a mentor’s experience to guide the way forwards.

  • Teaching    - finding and learning the answers to perceived ‘problems’.

  • Consulting - analysing & developing recommendations based on experience.

KCKD believes…

  • We all have the same ‘brain matter’ & are all capable of any choice & action.

  • You can build whatever habits you choose as long as you do it consciously.

  • It’s possible to choose habits that work for you & let go of those that don’t.

  • It’s about you taking one solid step at a time in the direction you want.



We work with human brain & biology to create lasting habit-change delivering better outcomes & relationships.


KCKD coaching is scientifically proven & evidence-based.

We use bespoke tools, frameworks & mindset-shifters based on

  • Contemporary neuroscience 

  • Performance psychology (sports)

  • Experiential learning (by doing)

  • Guided coaching principles and practices


  • Build new thinking habits and take the actions that match to get results.

  • Get the results you want step-by-step one solid step at a time.

  • Develop sought after socio-emotional skills  for life.

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