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By YOU, for YOU and all about YOU & your 56 Day journey.

What's NOT allowed near your tracker 

  1. Beating yourself if you miss a day (...or 2, or 3). 56 days is how long it takes to build a new habit.

  2. Pretending you did it when you didn't. It'll make you feel rubbish over time. It's OK to choose not to (for a day or two).

What IS allowed

  1. Ticks, hearts, stars and other things that help you feel great...knowing how great you feel every day you do it.

  2. Cool Evidence - shared with friends, family, and us (@igkckd #kckdchallenge)

  3. Self-care Sunday Plans - yep you can take Sunday off and enjoy not being challenged (or not!)

  4. Celebration Plans - what will you do at the end/as you go to say I did/am doing that? (@igkckd #kckdchallenge)

  5. Vision - what will it feel like, what will you be able to do/see at the end...because yes every step takes you closer.

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